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America as Islands


Wednesday June 26, 2002

About the Eight hour (8:00a.m.)

The Dream was as thus:

I was in a town where I was to attend school. My home was a hotel room for the time being. After roaming around the city for a while, I found myself in front of a battered women’s shelter and there was a woman there that I had seen often at the “T” Library that at this present time I work. But there I left because this wasn’t the hotel I was looking for. I went around the block, but somehow did not go around the block, but came around the building on the corner and found myself at the hotel, but on the same street I left. I showed my ID to go in and there was a man that pointed to my ID to say that he was with me. I didn’t recognize him.

When I went into the building, there were stairs that I have previously gone up and down. Then, there were three levels of stairs that were side by side, but suppose to go to different heights. I was going on the first level, but I decided to go on the third level. This is the same level that the dude went on. I then climbed up these stairs and found myself above the stairs instead of on them. Then, the dude that went in with me had closed them off. I then was thinking about going down to the base floor, but before I could, I was taken to the “T” Library where I work at and went to the Juvenile section.

There are two wooden USA map puzzles at this library for children, but there was drawn on the table an outline to the United States. Lying on the table over the outline were the wooden States (larger than really are). But what I had seen was that (coming upon the map from West to East) nearly every state was pushed away from one another. California was in the Pacific out of place. There were two major Islands in the Northwest and Northeast, which are majorly part of modern-day Canada. The Northwest island was bigger than the Northeast island. I then had seen many small islands surrounding the larger ones. Then I had noticed an island in the middle of the gap that had nearly filled up the gap, but still largely loose to the rest of the islands. The name of the island was named “Alaska,” (did not look like modern-day Alaska, probably meaning that the size of the gap between the two major island regions was large enough to fit the remaining land of Alaska state in it and still be fully surrounded by water or the name of this island is name Alaska). Then I noticed the Eastern coast of the USA. It was broken up as well. The Washington D.C. area was gone and that made the New England region and the Southeast were made separate islands. Then I reckoned the map as a whole that was of Canada and the United States of America. The gap between these islands was so large that it was totally unrecognizable if the island in the middle was not there or the outline. Also, the southern parts of New Mexico and Arizona were pushed southward into Mexico. Texas also seemed inside Mexico as well.

End of Dream