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Assassination Attempt Fail

Dream: Assassination Attempt Fail
Date: September 3, 2011
Time: ~6:00AM – 8:00AM

I had a dream where there was an assassination attempt on Barack Obama. Barack Obama was standing and looking like he was looking upon a crowd giving a speech. It was being explained that there will be an association (I couldn’t remember the name) that tried to take Barack Obama’s life. It was not clear if the association would be found out. I then had seen a bullet as if being followed by a smaller caliber bullet in the first bullet’s trailing shockwave. These two bullets flew past Barack Obama’s head on his right side. He still stood the same after the bullets passed him; as if he was not expecting it, nor was he shocked that the bullets came passing his head. After what appeared to be a few seconds, he didn’t budge, then, I had awakened.