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Betrothed Taken

(Revelation of the Bride & Groom)

April 12, 2002

Morning – Day Break

Of What I remember:

The woman who was betrothed was communicating with her Bridegroom. The woman was heavy-boned with a little extra weight. All was well until society became more hostile. Before the hostility arose, her Bridegroom was warning her of the hostility. He told her that she was going to die and she would be with Him. The betrothed woman feared and shook, went into her room and her Bridegroom was with her, above and in front of her. She would say that she didn’t want to die, and she cried. Her Bridegroom was willing to give His life just to be with her; so He would explain to her likewise. Then, the betrothed woman accepted. About this time, society had changed violently.

Then I saw, in a vision, as if it was her Lord, Bridegroom and Lover, snatching her away, taking her to a region beyond. The Bridegroom was in front with His betrothed behind Him, taking her by the hand to His region beyond. By this time, the betrothed woman was trimmed in firmness. She was thick-boned and the Bridegroom was stout. And He took her away, snatched her from her people, to take her to Himself.

End Of Dream