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VISIONBibles Taken Away
DATEMay 27, 2000
TIME1:00am-6: 55am



The Times

When the land has become scarce with food and many people became prosperous, I was a minister in the Faith and I was or someone else was a business owner with a partner (I was a part in it somewhere). In the mist of all this, saints were being persecuted, sent to prisons, boot camps, and other exiles by the government because the government was forming into a more unifying with another government (strongly felt Europe). Thus, the strong believing Christians refused to cooperate to follow them. They were taking note of the saints who would not forsake their faith in Jesus and who refused to join in the government. Many were turning away from the Faith and giving in and signing formal governmental sheets saying that they will take part in this more unified government because of a governmental movement in order to keep a steady lifestyle and fear of what might happen to them. The number was great on who were leaving the Faith. Many times, I started talking things over with someone (the owner or my partner) about what was really going on. We discussed about what to do when they take the corporation from us and send us into exile. We started to express our faiths and we were listening to what each other were saying.

The Corporation

With all kinds of merchandise of this business, we were very prosperous in all our ways. Throughout the world and within a certain tall building of the corporation, we were well known for this business. We were very famous for some reason and attracted many people of the world because we had many ideas.

Many came up to us trying to persuade us to leave the Faith and take charge of this business in a much bigger economy and a more governed society because it was a big business and we were strong believers in the Faith. We sometimes stayed quiet and eventually we both told them, “No, I will not leave the Faith.” On the top of the building, someone or I had a house on top of the corporation and many were trying to make me feel bad because of what I’ll be giving up if I hold on to the Faith. I refused to depart from the Faith every time.


Sunday School

One Sunday morning in Sunday school, gathered in a back room, a vending machine was giving out free soda by pressing the button and the change was coming out by pressing the change return; if you were buying or not. I recognized were ministers, deacons, a former associate and her husband, and other saints were there also. A minister was teaching that we as saints of God must keep a certain mind toward this time; forgiving people and have a willing mind to run on in the Lord in this day and time.

As we got up and were getting ready to leave, a saint came in the door to tell us the upcoming news. He had said to us that it wouldn’t be long before they take the Bibles away.


The Parable

It was as if I was zapped to a track field and began to run the 400 meter run. There were seven runners and I was in the seventh lane. As we were going around in a corner, everyone else stayed in their lane and continued on their race; but my lane and lane six was divided by a wall in the track. The wall was between lane five and lane six. No one was in lane eight. As I was running, I began to see either lane six slightly go downward or it was that lane seven was going upward. I stayed in lane seven and began to run on a dirt road into a campsite.

The Exile

A camp that has been placed within woods in the countryside somewhere has been vacated either for the reason to exile the saints of God there or it was a hiding place. This is where I was. In this camp were many races of people, young and old and in between. There were many young people than any other and they were very bold in their Faith.

While being interviewed by outsiders (maybe the government), I was headed to my court and they showed me a nice looking two-floored cabin with windows that someone stayed in and insisted me to go and take their cabin from them but I refused and replied, “I ain’t worried about it. It’s not mine. I’m grateful of what I have.” And they said, “You could have that.” They kept tempting me so I said, “Look! Cut it out, or may the Lord deal with you so severely.” Then they realized that my speech did not fall to the ground. They were full of fear,they got quiet, looked at each other and left suddenly. When I got to my court, which was upstairs, in a cabin, a young boy, ignorant and curious, but a persecutor of the Faith, walked in the hallway and I replied, “Come here, over here.” I sat him down on the couch and began to minister to him.

Bibles Being Taken

While I was yet ministering, government officials came up the stairs, into the room and told the young boy to get up and get a table that was set by the wall. The government officials unmercifully rammed into rooms and dorms and courts looking to get all the Bibles out away from the People of the Faith in the camp because of commotion going on between the Muslims, Christians and the rest of the world. The world was trying to get rid of the Christian Faith because Muslims were going up against Christians and the country was being headed under some unification with some other nation. Basically, they say that Christians were in the way. So the government started taking Bibles away saying that the problem will go away if they took their Bibles away and Christians will then become nothing. They ransacked rooms and told the ones in the room to get out while they get the Bibles. As I was walking pass a room, a saint came out of a room where they were gathering the Bibles and walked next to me and said, “Well, they took the Bibles away!

The Service

After the officials left, we had service started by coming together in a main gathering room coming in praising God. Then, when it was time for the reading of the Word, many were looking around to see if anyone had a Bible left in the camp as if someone hid One. A young Caucasian female had been taken notes of personal encouraging words from the Lord. As she began to read, she read one short quoted verse from the Bible real fast, but people insisted hearing a longer quotation. So she went to the next page and read one of her personal words she received from the Lord.

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