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A Prayer Prophecy

July 3, 2002


I caught myself in a weekend of all praise and no prayer, so I prayed to the Lord silently and said, “Lord, I praised and worshipped for a long time, and now it time to hear from God. Lord, I want to hear from You now. I want to hear from heaven.” The Lord, responded, “Do you want to hear from heaven? Do you want to know what I am saying?” Having mixed emotions on what He would say to me, I wanted to hear from Him more. I said, “Yes, Lord.”

Then after about five seconds of silence, an inner vision appeared before me. It was all North America and written within the United States, it was labeled “BLASPHEMYâ€ン and had noticed that Canada had received some of the blasphemy, but Mexico didn’t receive as much.

Then the Lord spoke and said, “BLASPHEMY”in a way that was very angry and displeased. In awe and wow and whoa [and woe, if you will], He said, “BLASPHEMY. I have renamed it.” While God was speaking, it felt like as if someone’s face is of a displeasing “anger.”

I asked the Lord, “What are you going to do to this nation?” He said, “Ezekiel Chapter 4 came to mind.”

After I had read this, it reaffirmed me of famine that will affect the US.

“My judgment will not spare this nation.”

I asked, “Lord, what should trigger the sign to prepare?” He said, “You should be preparing now.” I asked, “How do I prepare?” The Lord said, “Gather up materials, store up food, “Get your ‘Y2K’ papers back out!” ”

Very concerned and feeling very helpless in every area, I asked “How do I share this word?” God said, “Not everybody is going to listen.”

I was kind of wondering…”Y2K papers??” I personally never had any, but understood what He meant.