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Christ Is Coming


It was as if I was in a shopping office plaza, watching a commercial about money first hand. One highly valued U.S. dollar bill fell from the sky into camera view, falling to the ground. As it rested upon the ground for a few seconds, another would fall on top of it, then much more would pile itself on top of it, making a heap of money. Then as someone approached the money, it became change and the person was scooping the money towards them to pocket. Then as the money was being collected, a voice had said, “Christ is Coming!”

Then the commercial scene was reset to play again. This time I tried to gather some for myself because the money was loose and free. Then the voice said again, “Christ is Coming!” Then the voice said to me, “Mtima, you’re not listening.” At that moment, I knew that this was more directed towards me and that this money on the ground was not important and faced toward the open center of the shopping plaza.

Next, the voice said once again, “Christ is Coming!” This time, I was anticipating the arrival. I went straight for the opening and looked up. There appeared white clouds on the left and dark stormy clouds on the right. As I was looking up, I noticed a brief light, then from that light appeared a man or Man. Then many other brief lights would appear one by one then appearing into men. They were dressed in royal robes surrounding the open lobby. Then the sky was beginning to fill up with them. As I was looking, I was in awe saying, “O my goodness,” over and over. Then the scripture came to mind in the book of Jude that he had quoted from the book of Enoch, “He cometh with ten thousand times ten thousand of His holy ones.”