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In The Day of Destruction

In The Day Of Destruction

Sunday, July 14, 2002

The end of the 7:00am into into 8:00am

I don’t remember too much from the previous parts of the dream, but the end was made loud and clear.

I was placed in front of this large monitor screen and a computer program popped up and the whole earth was seen on it. There was this heavenly ruler (not Ruler) there in dim gray clothes and he spoke to me as he motioned his hand downward the Mississippi River line. He was boastfully saying some things (but not loudly), but not too much was caught. When he had spread his hand from north to south over the Mississippi, there was a great widening of the Mississippi made from the Gulf of Mexico all the way up into Canada and the previous land there was shown on the monitor that it will be under the water. The East Coast had just became a strip of land.

The heavenly ruler had left and then the Lord began to speak. He showed me the whole world on the screen. There was a woman to my right, a male to my left and me in the middle. We began above North America (the United States to be exact) and fire was spread upon it from West to East, from California to New York. The Lord then said, “This is the destruction of this nation. I want you begin to intercede for this nation. This is your calling. I want you to begin to pray for this nation.”

As the Lord began to have us to pray, I beheld the fire stretch across The United States. The fire was spread out over the whole country and not a spot remained except the coastline of California, the tip of Florida and southeastern Texas. As I (in the dream) recollected the other visions, it was brought back to me that these places were clearly cut off the map. The earth began to rotate and we were taken all around the world. We began to see nations that supposed to be there, but we had seen more water than anything. We went under the earth where Antarctica would be, but we didn’t see anything but water. The woman to my left said, “Why won’t we pray for all the nations while we are at it?” My prayer: “Lord, save Your people! Take this wrath away! Save Your people. Bring someone to Christ right now, tonight!” Then I had awakened. And while I was writing this dream down, the Lord had let me know that this has to happen for the Word of God can be fulfilled. If this does not happen to America, the prophecies in the Bible can’t be fulfilled.

End of Dream