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Kamikazes Over The United States of America

Kamikazes Over The United States of America


May 19, 2002

The 6th –  7th hour

The Dream Was As Thus:

It was night time and the Super Bowl was to come on television and some just left the house I was living in to go somewhere and watch it. The Atlanta Falcons were playing another team. I stayed at the house with another male because we were working on a powerful project.

We were selecting a puzzle on a interactive cover that was spread out over the floor. We were putting together or rather uncovering a puzzle piece by piece. First, we had our faces close too close to tell what the picture was. There were clouds in the sky and we had seen some land. We were only seeing part by part, but didn’t’ understand what it was.

Then, the Super Bowl came to my mind and I turned on the television to see the score. The time seemed to be the end of the third quarter going to the fourth quarter. The score was a score that I didn’t understand. The Score:

Team Score Loss of Points
Atlanta Falcons 1 3
Los Angeles Rams 34 3

I was thinking, “What? What is this?” I thought of all the possible scorings in football and this didn’t make sense to me. Then I thought on the loss of points, which even became more puzzling to me. So I told the other guy and he had seen it too.

Then, we got back to uncovering the puzzle and I began to really study it harder than before. The other guy with me began to go over in the kitchen and drink some juice because he needed to relax. Then, after a while, I turned the television back on and the scores were the same. It seemed at this time is should be at the end of the game, but it was still at the same place as before.

Then, I uncovered the entire puzzle and began to look at the whole picture. As I backed off, I had seen two clouds, the color of orange as of the color of fire; amber maybe. Then I noticed that there were propellers; so I thought that they were planes. When I backed off more and seen more of the picture, the clouds were in the shape of Japanese World War 2 planes. Then I thought, “These were like the kamikaze planes used in World War 2!” Then, I asked the Lord is it so, is this coming from the Lord. He confirmed by His Spirit by coming upon me. So, as I was praying for confirmation, I was still backing off and looking from the picture. Then, I noticed that there was land under the planes and the planes were coming from the West, pointing downward and forward over this land it was over.

Then, as I was looking at the whole picture and it was spoken to my heart that the land under the planes was America and they were planes being used like the Kamikaze ones.

I then backed off and prayed to the Lord for confirmation, and His Spirit came powerfully came upon me.

Then, as I was telling the other guy with me and as he came for I could show him, the puzzle went back to the whole sections of puzzles. Then I went back to the puzzle that I selected, but there was another puzzle in its place.

The Disney Channel

Then I went to a puzzle and there were the teenage characters of the Disney Channel. Then, I wondered, “Why are they here?” All the people found their place in their show side by side. For some reason, there were two Shia LeBeoffs One Shia LeBeoff was in the far left-hand show. Then, the otherShia Lebeoff went into a show, but came out and was not with the cast of the show, but by himself. Then, a woman and I asked him, “What are you doing here?” Then, I had seen him acting and I had seen his script. He then began to act according to his script. He was playing a goofy role. I wondered why he was doing this and why he was in this interactive carpet, where puzzles were.

Then I had awakened.