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MysteryNew Body / Performing Arts
DateWednesday October 5, 2011
Time~9:15 AM – ~9:40AM

As I was lying in my bed, I had a mysterious experience: I noticed that my soul was awake, but my body was sleep. I then looked up and had seen my soul’s left arm and that my finger nails were between one to two inches long and that it appeared to be colored with sparkling blue fingernail polish. Because in this life the custom for long fingernails are reserved for women, I wondered to myself, “I’m a man. So why do I have long fingernails [in the spirit].” I then thought to myself, “If I”m having an out of body experience, I am now going to move my [spirit’s] hand out of my [soul’s] hand.” Through the action of thought, I performed it, but it seemed delayed two seconds or so. My soul’s hand was curved towards me as I turned my spirit’s hand away from me. My spirit’s hand was briefly transparent like my soul’s hand for about two seconds. As such had happened, my hand began to become the color of the sparkling blue fingernails, all the way past the wrist, and it was all one platform base; no seam lines between fingernail and hand. The color was deep solid blue with the sparkling of fine and coarse glitter and the layer was thick. The transformation and color were extremely awesome – for a lack of a better term. I don’t know if I should call it awesome, beautiful, pretty, or the like, but it is something I had never seen before. As my hand was turning, it seemed my spirit understood it completely, but my mind was awe struck and understood it partially. It was beyond “taken my breath away.” In awe, a different type of utter proceeded from my mouth. Then, I was instantly somewhere else away from my house.

I noticed that I was being guided by the Spirit of God through this building. It looked like a mega church congregation building, and there was a play being performed on stage, as of the performing arts. I was slightly elevated above the people. There appeared two or three rows of women lined from end to end on the stage, with their backs turned to the “congregation” or “audience”. They were dressed in short fluffy shiny silver bikini muumuus that are made for the performing arts type as they sang. As I looked, I noticed that one lady’s bikini top was missing, but when they turned around, it was on her and looked like she was fumbling with it a little while still performing.

Then, I was shifted to another angle, slightly to the right, and the scenery slightly changed. The color of the wall changed from bright white to white, as if this was another building, but the layout remained fairly the same and it was in a slightly smaller congregation building. Another play was being performed, and it appeared to be as of the medieval era. I had seen one come in from the left back entrance by the pews if looking on from the pulpit. Some others entered through the right back side, but my range of sight had seen the left side. There appeared as a royal one coming up through the door, extended their right hand and bowed down to one who was on the stairs of the altar. Something was exchanged.

Then, somehow, the scenery changed into a smaller congregation building. I am on the front left pew. A lady introduced me to the congregation, but she was speaking so fast, I couldn’t make out anything she said except, “What is your name?” I replied, “Mtima.” She then repeated my name to the congregation. I then approached the front floor of which she was standing. I then was in the air again. As I somehow walked in the air above the floors of the room, I paced back and forth. This whole experience, I was asking God silently, “God, what is this!?” and “What is going on?” and “Please reveal this to me.” I noticed when I turned to the area where the two columns of pews were, there were now turned into two light brown couches facing each other on either side of the room. On the couches, there appeared to be older women, like mothers of the church. They were talking amongst themselves. I could not hear them, but it appeared that they were not talking about matters that did not pertain to church matters or God, just talking. All this was going on while I was pacing in the air over the floor.

Then I began to proceed to the back area, through the hallway on the side of the building. I passed a woman walking through the short hallway. She gestured a polite hello and I gave a slight bow to motion the same. When I got to the other side through the hallway, there were stairs ascending to the upper floor area. I proceeded to the second floor and to my left was a room with people in it, I think they were in their teen years, but couldn’t tell. To my right was an open hallway area where other rooms may be. I then was approaching the room with people in it when I became overwhelmed with “what is this!” and “what is going on!” from what I was seeing. I then said within myself, “Okay, I got to go to the upper room in this place so I can pray to God.” But that is when I was pulled back and didn”t get to make it in the room with people in it.

I was then pulled back out backwards from the manner in which I entered. I then began to go through this tunnel and descended downward with my head facing the place I had come from and my back facing to the place I am now going. It was a tunnel that looked like moving spiraled clouds on the sides on the tunnel walls. As I was descending, I said, “God, save me from the pit!” But I kept going down and thought, “Maybe I’m going back to my body.” Sure enough that is what was happening. As I was descending, I noticed I was moving very fast; so fast, it scared me. Then I prayed calmly, “Gently, O God” and God honored my prayer by slowing me down instantly. Continuing going down, I was forced-flipped about three times. Then I noticed that I must have been getting close to my body, because it just felt as such. When I entered back into my body, another utterance came out my mouth. This utterance was different from the first, and unexpected. Then what seemed about two seconds lying in my body, my body had now been awakened.

When I had awakened, I thought to myself, “WOW! That was a long way up! I was there in an instant, but it took me a while to get back down! I guess this what it means when God will rapture us, catch us up in a twinkling of an eye.” I also thought to myself how profound everything was that I had just experienced. This same day, I type this and do not have a full understanding of what I had just encountered, but my spirit seems to fully understand it. THE BLUE HAND WAS BREATHTAKING!