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VisionPastor Saddam Hussein
DateFebruary 10, 2001
Time?:am – 5:15am

Char-Broil (A grill company)

As I laid to rest, I had a dream/vision of my brother and I, Teshuq. I was being flown to this hotel where there were many people. I came flying through the back of the hotel; there were one female, my brother, and myself. It as if we were in New Orleans. As my parents were out in the street, we were walking to our rooms. The female with us went into a room while someone was at the door and hanging out the door anticipated for her to come. My brother and I went down the hall, took a right turn, and a left into our room; where there were about 8-10 beds in our room. My brother laid in this square space with a wooden post at each corner. This lady approached him with natural gas hoses for grills. I was standing near to the left/front of the square space. As my brother was lying on hoses in the black space; this woman would give him four hoses at a time, and my brother would have his hands out as if he were bench pressing. She would put the hoses across his hands. Then, she would take them back. Next, I went into the square space and laid down on the left of my brother after he had done this about seven times. I did it for about three times and I got out the square, and the woman went into the distancet.

Saddam Hussein

Suddenly, it was as if I was at an assembly line with many there. It seemed as if I was in front of and above me was a television. It also seemed to me as being in front with presser machines in the company. The television was tuned to CNN Headline News. Saddam Hussein was speaking in front of Iraq’s leaders. He was wearing a military camouflaged outfit. He said in a weird squiggly voice, “It won’t be long until we raise up our forces against America. It won’t be long until we come against America. But you as Americans have to find something to do. If it’s women, alcohol, drugs, fornication: find something to do.” I’m now seeing this table at the Char-Broil factory in front of me. I look back up and he continued to speak in another documentation with the subtitles ‘IARN…[something I couldn’t see]’ He continued with, “It won’t be long until we of IARN [he pronounced it AR-Y’N] will come against and destroy America. But until then, find something to do: women, alcohol, drugs, fornication; find something to deal with.” Then, the television went to another clip of Saddam Hussein. At the bottom of the screen, it written the words: ‘Pastor Saddam Hussein.’ He spoke again saying, “It won’t be long until America is destroyed.” The dream fades and I awaken.


The dream was on a Monday morning. I told my dear friend in Memphis this dream on Tuesday. He thought that I could be wrong. And I told another friend on Wednesday. Then, I had to go to work at Char-Broil (the hotel and the hoses at the top – a grill-making company). When I got to work, the dream had been on my mind all day long. After the 6:00pm break was over, I found myself behind the table that I had seen in the vision. Now the vision is echoing in my mind big time. When I got on the internet to speak with the first friend, He had told me that I was right concerning Saddam Hussein. I didn’t know anything about Saddam Hussein being on the news until he told me he was. I went to work, and others had told me. During the breaks, I had seen it for myself. CNN showed 2 documentations of Saddam Hussein saying something.