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A Dream from the Lord:

As I was with many of those I knew, I chose to depart, and so did they. Suddenly, the atmosphere changed. There was a new thickness in the air. The clouds began to move rapidly. One lightening bolt struck across the sky with a loud thunder behind it. I was pondering if I should plunge in the pool of blue water with things at the bottom of it. I decided not to because I thought it could get struck by lightening. So I ran through the field and the wind increased rapidly, faster and faster.


Lo, a large tree with much bark on it. I headed for the only tree in the field. Many were in the field with their objects and some were in the forests surrounding the field. As I was approaching the tree, I had seen the face of the sky, [the clouds] turned black. I had seen the rain approaching fast. As I grabbed hold of the tree, It was as if it was a blast of a bomb on impact. I held the tree as hard as I could. Even though it was raining, I only felt a little bit of rain. The people unaware in the field with their objects were swept away by the forceful blast.

Then the storm passed over. It was sunlight for about two to three seconds, according to the dream. But lo, another storm, more fierceful than the first one, approaches more rapidly. It blew all the bark off the tree I was holding on to as if it was bird feathers with weight to carry them far from the tree. After, the storm caused the atmosphere to be changed and the clouds became grayish. Then, that storm passed, and there was barely sunlight. Then, another one came and lasted about the length of the first and the last combined. This storm was more of the trying of people. Another storm came and blew my feet in the air, but I didn’t let go of the tree, then I came back to the ground. Then, another storm came and it only lasted for about two seconds, according to the dream. It blew over just as fast as it came. Another storm was approaching from a different direction. As I had seen the shifting of direction in the wind, I aligned myself up with the tree against the winds for I won’t be blown away or caught off guard. After about three views of the storm’s winds, I was aligned with the tree against the winds. Then, the people began to be more aware of the storms. That storm ended. Then, A fierce storm came and perplexed many people. This storm caused the tree I was holding on to have nothing at all, but transparency. The storm stopped. And another storm came. It was fiercer than all the previous ones. It stripped people from everything. It perplexed the transparent tree, but did not crush it. Throughout all this, I was covered by this tree.


Then, a man stood out in the field and said, “Okay, now only one more test. This is the ultimate test that you would face”. I was then joined in the midst of red-suited people, as of the American Revolution. Then, a group of people in gold suits came. Then, I had to discern what suit I had on. I had on a red suit. Then, he said, “Assemble together, and socialize with one another.” Then, my friend Christina “Orriana” Sill came up to me saying. “Aye, Mtima, look! My husband was grafted in. See!” Then I had seen the sowing around his collar and neck area where he was “grafted in.” It looked like two shades of leather stitched together. Then, I greeted her husband. He walked away greeting others. I stayed in the peace of the Lord. Then, the leader of the gold-suited people came and walked with the leader of the red-suited people (the one who called for the last test). Then, it was becoming more darkened as they two walked with each other. Then, it became black as in a room with no lights on. Then, a gun shot fired, and the gold leader was no more, and his body was tossed into a large ditch, where they dump dead bodies. Then, the leader of the red-suited people (now the leader) rose up and said, “He was either out of the will of God, divided the will of God, or in the will of God.” (He spoke of “in the will of God” being in an aisle that was in the midst of the army to the front of the army; more like being in the way when one walks down it.. He was not in the aisle when the shot went off). Then, thoughts began to come to me to divide the will of God: “Yeah, I want to be a divider of the will of God.” I said, “No I don’t. What’s this mess? You better get this junk out of my face!” Another shot went off and I felt a push in my back, and was in the massive grave.