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DreamTerror To Unity
TimeMorning Around 9:00AM
DateSeptember 10, 2001

The First Leader

As I was in this dream, I appeared to be in a certain neighborhoods on the South side of Columbus, Georgia. I was speaking with a friend about the Word of God. He listened diligently. While we were speaking, I departed on a skateboard going down a hill and aborted the board because I wasn’t fully balanced. While I was riding, Rod Parsley, a television minister, was watching me (???). As I came off the board, a plane was placed horizontally in the street, blocking it. Then, George Bush Jr came off a plane with his crew, seeming protective over him. The leader was more tyrant and selfish. He was before his people with a grudge and a slight mug. He either didn’t like his position or didn’t like the people. He led the people and everyone wondered about him.

The Second Leader

Then rose up another leader. He was peaceful, very personal minded and righteous. He forced himself on no man, but to do his duty and love his people. He believed in equality and liberty. This righteous leader shot the tyrant leader in the back righteously, for his tyranny. He led the people for a while and showed himself before the people often, and often waving his hand.

Terrorism & Assassination

Then, in a far country, a group of people were contemplating how to rid this peaceful leader. They contemplated in a circle group. Then, after they planned, they came over in a plane, having a great steel chain. Then, one came out of his plane while the peaceful leader spoke to his people. When the one came out of his plane, he stood behind on the side of the peaceful leader like a wrathful dragon, saying, “You know what? There is no ungodliness, but the godliness thereof.” While he spoke this to the peaceful leader, he swung his chain, and it wrapped around the peaceful leader’s neck, and hitting me on my right thigh in its extension. As he pulled the chain, it ripped the front side of his neck and his throat, but not any other part of his neck. I had seen the peaceful leader stagger, but did not wait around to see if he fell.


Then, I went up a hill on the crossing road, because it is on a hill. The other side of the hill was connected to the top, having a round valley in the top of the mountain, rather than where a dead end exists in real life. The round valley on top of the mountain was surrounded and hidden by trees. All the people turned to o him that spoke and all the people heard him. Then he said, “Let us unify, Ye are the Body of Christ. Ye are the Body of Christ. Know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost?” I and others gathered with many to sit among the people to hear him.

End of Dream