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The Abode of Hell


June 28, 2002

It was as if I was watching the television. A movie began to come on and I began to watch the introductions. It was then as if I was on the other side of the television, watching the movie. The title of the movie was something like “…and the… Abode of Hell” Then, when I got to the other side of the television, I went down slightly, and I began to see people along the walls of this dark building. When I went around seeing the people there, I noticed that these are some people that are still alive.

Then as I went counterclockwise from the center, as the building was in the shape of an “L,” I had seen a person that was dead and gone, and I thought that he had made it in by God’s grace. As I kept going, I was seeing some people moving back and forth. These people were not in a state of torment, but calm in a dark room. Then (because previous in the dream, before this part, that my class had taken pictures), my class was posted on the wall and everyone in there was on the board, except for me. Then a lady came up to me from my right, giving me a sheet of paper, she was saying, “See. This supposed to be you here, but when four…” at this point, I closed my eyes as if “I had seen enough.” Then, the Lord had awakened me.