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The Desolate States of America


April 7, 2002

Early Morning – the seventh hour

For Two long centuries, I’ve borne witness of this nation [United States of America], and I don’t like it.

This nation has greatly blasphemed Me.

We (people) were in this great, tall building and I was in a class. Then, the class ended. We all left the class and I went into this main hallway, the lobby, cafeteria, or something of that nature. I caught an inside elevator to go down to it. There was a woman there that was in my class. She said that no one ever prophesied to her like that before (in the class). We were waiting for an elevator to go upwards on this tall skyscraper (heavenscraper). An elevator came and everyone around rushed on, even her. But as soon as she got on, the elevator swung outwards and upwards. Then I noticed that these elevators were attached by cables from the top of the building from arms that extend from the building. So I decided to catch the next elevator going up. I looked at the meter going up and it got to the floor fast. The car came to the building (the car slot) and I got in.

The only difference from the first car and this car is that I was the only one in this car. I had seen the people before me further from the building. My car swung away from the building and came back and was attached to the side. The people before me left my sight, but I kept going upward. Being alone and now swung away from the building, I held on the elevator rail tightly and refused to let it go.

Then it was as if I was coming to a land in high above all the rest, more like an area of seclusion. Houses were surrounded by forests; plus, the houses were at the bottom of a mountain. The trees appeared to be of alpine.

As I was looking down on the region, I was still in the elevator car. And then, it was as if the elevator had dropped me off. I floated down to the ground. When I realized I was on the ground, I didn’t know it had dropped me off. Then the elevator appeared to have picked up a house. I tried to fly and grab the house, but I still wondered and came to the conclusion that the Lord brought me here for a purpose. I then went back down to the ground. And walked in the street that led to the houses. I was walking away from the area of the houses.

Then as I was walking wondering why I was up here, I had looked back behind me and had seen a billboard with a map of many islands. I immediately knew that this was the United States of America and Mexico. I noticed Florida, the southeast coast line, but the rest were islands; some large, some small, some medium. It was a devastating site to see. As I was amazed and stunned in awe at the unrecognizable map on the billboard, shouting, “Oh God…My God!” It was so devastating to the point that the Lord had to turn my eyes away from the map, yet I wanted to get a grand look at it to know how to draw it. So the Lord knew my heart and granted me permission. I drew it to the best of my ability.

Modern identification compared to future identification:

Los Angeles – part of the Pacific Ocean, all the way to Arizona

Nevada – The whole state was a big lake of islands, also connected to the Pacific Ocean, also the Gulf of Mexico somehow.

There was also a big gap of water was:

The Mississippi River – Widened to the size of multiple states.

New York – Becomes a bay or gulf between the islands of Maine and Boston and the Northeast coastline, the Island of New England.

Washington D.C. – A bay or gulf between the Mid-Atlantic and the Southeast Island coastline.

East Texas, Louisiana & Parts of Mississippi – part of the widened Mississippi River.

Southern Tip of Florida – Part of the Atlantic Ocean.

Key West – Part of The Gulf of Mexico.

The Pacific Coastline – Part of the Pacific Ocean.

Central United States – Water surrounded by widened Mississippi River and many different sized islands.

Mexico – The middle of Mexico was cut out and made into a big gulf connected to the Pacific Ocean.

More was also missing; much more. The land was totally unrecognizable.

The Lord then began to lift me up and place me in the map. It was as a cartoon is. The land was broken up and identified by different colors. I was taken to the tip of the peninsula of Florida, where Miami would be. I was placed what would be downtown Miami, but on the outskirts of it, as if a major street in town. Then one looking like Spongebob Squarepants with one eye came up to me. I extended my hand towards him and said, “I plead the blood of Jesus.” He froze and I pushed him over. Then, I realized that I was in a riot and the people of that place didn’t like me. So they attacked me as I preached to them. The people were all different shapes and sizes, looking like earthly things.

Then I had awakened. End of Dream.