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VISIONThe Heavens2 / America
DATETuesday, May 29, 2001
TIME8:3?am – 9:00am

While staying with my sister, “J”, after she had taken the children to school, I worshipped the Lord and drifted off on the couch. As I drifted, I had this vision:


The voice of the Lord came to me, saying, “We are going to take a look at your office in heaven.” I said within myself, “Huh?” I contemplated on if I was in heaven or not. Soon, I came to accept the Word of the Lord. I was behind this desk, looking strictly to a specific drawer. The desk was of wood and had about 3 drawers. Then, I had opened this drawer selected writing table out of the desk and seen North America; namely, Canada and United States of America. Canada had many islands on the north of it – many more than it does now.


As I looked at this picture, it was an outlining showing the provinces of Canada and the states of the U.S.A. and the oceans. The thought of seeing the future of America entered into my spirit. While looking at this, I blinked and looked again. As I looked upon America, I was in shock! Everything from Northern California, to Mexico, to Utah, to western Arizona was gone! It was as if it was sunken. I really didn’t see the East Coast, being so stunned at the West Coast. I still knew by feeling that something had happened to the East Coast. As I tried to look, there was a break and I was put in another vision.


Then, I began to fly upwards, or ascend. As I was ascending, I began to go, in this vision/out of body experience, in outer space. When I opened my eyes, I had seen a bunch of stars and star clusters. As I kept going up, I realized that I had been going up backwards. I began to see something like bubbles under this cloud. Then, I changed directions to go straight up. I then went through the cloud and had seen more bubble-like things under another cloud. As I had gone through the second cloud, in front of me on my left was a stone-looking statue of a woman or a man with long hair with a jar on his left about the same height of him. He was standing on a platform. As I looked, I wanted to go higher, and I began to slow to a standstill. Then I came out of the vision and prayed.